# Clean up your closet

"buy, use and throw away" culture is replaced by sustainability.

Clean out your wardrobe!

Following the latest trends is a way of life for Londoners. Most of us pile up huge amounts of clothes that we don't end up using and ultimately, forget about. We might just get bored of unique items even though they are still in good shape.

The contemporary disposable culture urges us to throw away our once cherished clothes and accessories with no second thought, year after year.

Our aim is to create a Recycled Fashion Market in order to initiate a shift from the "buy-wear-throw away" culture towards the sustainable ethos of giving previously loved clothes a new chance to shine.

At Wear It Again we love wearing statement items, but a new gem in our wardrobe does not necessarily have to be straight off the shelves.

Unique treasures give us our individual styles.

We hereby invite you to be a smart consumer, clear up your closet and make space for new finds. If you don't wear it, sell it! Make someone else happy. :)